Website Hosting

We offer a 3 tier hosting platform which are:

  • - Self Service
  • - Managed Hosting
  • - Managed Hosting & Content

Our hosting options are either managed by you or by us on your behalf. When hosting your website there are key elements to maintaining your website both for performance and most important security.

This includes:

Domain Name Renewal

Each year your domain name (ie will need to be renewed each year. 

Email Accounts

Create and manage email accounts for you and employees

CMS Updates

Popular CMS websites such as Joomla & Wordpress update the software to repair bugs & patch up potential security issues. Your website should be updated each time there is a new patch released.

Website security

Most websites are fitted with a firewall to help secure the website against latest security threats, the firewall will need to be updated to the latest version as they are often updated to secure against new threats. Regular website scans are also required to test for malware.

Extension Updates 

Your website will have functionality built from different extensions such as rotating images, scrollers, blogs, reservation systems and so on. Each of these also require regular updates when the developer releases updates. (Quite often a subscription is required for updates).

Website Content Updates

Your website will have a CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to manage the content on your website such as new images, menus & general information. You will have a login to manage your website and update the content.



All hosting options come with the following spec

  • - 10 GB Storage
  • - 1 Website
  • - 5 Databases
  • - 5 E-mail Accounts
  • - SSL Certificate
  • - Service & Support


Self Service - £95 per year or £12.50 per month

Our self service package is our entry level hosting of which your website is hosted on our servers and you manage your Domain name renewals, Email Accounts, CMS Updates, Website Security, Extensions & Website Content.

Managed Hosting - £165 per year or £18.00 per month

We manage the website hosting on your behalf including Domain name renewals (if required), Email Accounts (if required), CMS Updates, Website Security.

This includes support for website errors & security issues.

Managed Hosting & Content - £495 per year or £45.80 per month

In addition to Managed Hosting we will also look after website updates adding content as and when you require. Updates are based on 1 hour per month or optional payments are available depending on circumstances. (For adhoc updates we charge £35 per hour based on a minimum of 1hr).


Annual Domain Name Renewals Managed by Going Out UK: (Domains managed by you are charged directly to you by your domain host) £20 per year

.com £25 per year 


(all prices are subject to VAT)