Finance & Accounts

If you look after the pennies & the pounds will look after themselves! We manage your accounts not just as qualified people but experienced operators.

Management of accounts is incredibly important to ensure control of purchases, costs, staff & more. Like marketing, doing the accounts often comes second to the operation however without the right controls and management in place you will find a number of problems ahead and worry!

Using a company that knows the industry is important to ensure that pricing, sales, costs, wages, VAT & tax are all done correctly however we don't just understand the accounting requirements we know & understand the operation. We understand the cost of food & beverage, wastage, wages, rotas & what controls can be put in place to help maximise profit & reduce costs.      

Our team are fully qualified in our sector with hands on experience in the industry as independent venue owners & in senior management & finance positions for national brands & Hotel chains making us very aware of the standards, procedures & processes of the hospitality industry.  

The services we offer include:

- General Bookkeeping

- Payroll

- VAT Returns

- Year end accounts

- Business review & consultation

Our team are fully qualified and experienced using the latest software packages.

For more information about Bookkeeping services or to arrange a free consultation please call Trisha on 0191 597 2011.  


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